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Elevate and expand my software and leadership skills by applying my expertise and extensive knowledge as a software engineer. Exercise strategic and analytical skills on projects while building innovative solutions and collaborating with motivated teams.


Technical Experience & Skills

  • Expert level skills with AMI BIOS, Aptio IV, Aptio V, IPMI, MegaRAC, BMC, PIC, Microcontrollers, C, C++, OpenGL, VxWorks, Mercurial, Git, SVN, Real-Time Embedded software, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Win32, UTF-8, string encoding
  • Proficient with Linux, UNIX, Ada, Java, C#, Agile, CMMI, MIPS RISC, assembly language


Personal Summary

  • Technical team and project leader skilled in oversight and direction.
  • Accomplished with real-time embedded systems, desktop applications, enterprise systems, IT deployments, online tools.
  • Expert on tactical symbology.
  • Reliable and collaborative with proven track record for accountability and delivery.
  • Excellent communication and writing
  • Quick learner and self-starter with demonstrated desire and aptitude to embrace new technology and implement solutions.



General Micro Systems
8/2016 – current

Software Engineer

  • Develop functionality for various embedded controllers.
  • Subject matter expert and primary implementer for IPMI and BMC.
  • Develops and troubleshoots BIOS firmware.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Developed the IPMI firmware for the S2U server system. Researched hardware monitors, implemented controller code to communicate with monitors, placed the existing firmware under source control, and documented the build process.
  • Devised and implemented software development processes where no defined approach existed. Wrote the processes that conformed to existing engineering disciplines; implemented these processes across the team ensuring continuity of approach which simplified support and maintenance.


iAccess Technologies
10/2012 –12/2015

Software Engineer

  • Developed functionality for MCTF (MC-130J Terrain Following)

Accomplishment Include:

  • Initial development on a new LRU (Line Replaceable Unit), loading and configuring it with VxWorks for further development.
  • Led a small team that developed tools for the end users to interact with, configure, and monitor the avionics systems.
  • Developed test plans to demonstrate that the system met its requirements.


Thales-Raytheon Systems
10/2010 – 6/2012

Software Engineer

  • Developed new functionality for Command View. This required coordination with systems and software engineers, analysis, software development, and test procedure development.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Developed tactical symbology. As a member of small team, we created and delivered a set of display symbols at customer’s request. Directed small team to complete subset of symbols.
  • Selected product for user collaboration. Analyzed requirements, selected and tested product, provided documentation on selection process, documented installation procedures, and presented proposal to product and program management.


7/2007 – 10/2010

Network Centric Systems – Software Engineer

  • Developed new functionality for the EPLRS radio system. This required coordination with hardware and systems engineers, software development, and test procedure development.
  • Regularly created disk images for host platforms. This required information security expertise and high-level knowledge of the system interactions.
  • Developed improvements to the simulation software. This involved determining requirements, modifying the software to meet the requirements, then testing that the requirements had been met.

Accomplishments Include:

  • Co-led initiative promoting use of simulation software for development, projected to save project funding by tens of thousands of dollars annually.
  • Transitioned the host platform to the DIACAP certification. This required interpreting the requirements, modifying procedures, and coordinating with customers, government auditors, and sub-contractors, and ensured the system continued to meet stringent military security requirements.
  • Created a flash-based file system within the radio. This required confirming requirements with other engineers, creating a detailed design, implementing the system, developing a test procedure to verify the system, and fully testing the implementation.
  • Wrote or revised an average of one Engineering Notebook per year. This required understanding the technical systems described by the documents and the ability to effectively describe those systems.


Volunteer and Personal Projects

Save Game Converters for various games by Paradox Interactive
2009 – current

  • Developed and updated several fan-based tools for Crusader Kings I & II, Europa Universalis 3 & 4, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3, and Hearts of Iron 4.
  • Required learning formal grammars for multiple file formats, analyzing existing code bases, redesigning the code bases where needed, and straightforward software development.
  • Project managed: communication of designs and methods, directing testers, directing systems engineers, and resolving disputes.
  • Provided ongoing support for the tools via the game forums.


California State University Fullerton
B.S. in Computer Science